Should You Use Stealth Or Fight Your Way Into The Warehouse In Chapter Two Of Sunday Gold?
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Should You Use Stealth Or Fight Your Way Into The Warehouse In Chapter Two Of Sunday Gold?

Aug 02, 2023

The second chapter of Sunday Gold includes a branching path that lets you choose stealth or firepower. Which Is Best?

The second chapter of Sunday Gold sees the crew investigating a whiskey warehouse that serves as a front for Hogan's nefarious schemes. It includes a more challenging array of enemies, some tricky puzzles, and even some red herrings to throw you off your game and make you waste AP! To top it all off, there's even a branching path where you can split the party for stealth or take a less subtle but much more expedient approach.

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Whatever approach you decide to take, this complete walkthrough will get you through the Hogan Excelsior Warehouse from start to finish.

This guide contains spoilers.

The crew's infiltration of the Hogan Excelsior warehouse can't start until the security guards are distracted. If you examine the fuse box next to the security office door, you'll discover a note; apparently, if the power goes out the guard gets stuck in his office. Frank can pick the lock on the fuse box, after which any character can remove the fuse.

With the guard trapped, you now have the run of the warehouse. However, cutting power to the security office also cuts power to the lift. The backup power supply is on the catwalk above.

The ladder up to the catwalk is in the fenced-in area to the left. Open the gate by having Frank pick the lock, then close the red valve to stop the scalding steam flowing from the broken pipes near the ladder. Sally can now tear off the broken pipe to keep for later.

Next, have whichever character is carrying the fuse install it in the bridge controls next to the ladder. Place the fuse in the left slot to lower the near side of the bridge. Doing so reveals a service access panel in the wall behind it. Break the panel open with Sally, then jam the broken pipe into the mechanism.

Back on the first floor, move the fuse from the left socket to the right. Since the gears are jammed, the near side of the bridge won't move and the far side will lower, letting you cross to the catwalk. Send Gavin over to hack the right-most of the blue screens. They will increase the Alert Level if you hack them, but you'll be able to get useful information from them later.

Once the terminal is hacked, you can access the security server. Checking the access controls reveals that there are four guards downstairs, and that the motion sensors at the loading bay and side entrances are inactive. The front entrance is still being monitored. To reactivate the lift, use path Lift Control > Access Management > Lift Control Security Override. You can also check the status of the lifts building-wide to learn that the freight elevator is time-locked and cannot be accessed until Monday morning.

Before taking the lift down to the lobby, equip any blunt weapons you have. You'll be attacked by security drones as soon as you arrive.

After the server room fight in Chapter One, you probably won't be very happy to see another pair of Security Turrets. With all three teammates and a few extra experience levels, though, they're much less dangerous than they were before. Gavin can use Overload to deal damage as a percentage of the Turrets' HP, but while there are still multiple enemies you'll get more value out of his Rush attack, wearing down their defenses simultaneously to try and stun the whole group.

Once the drones are defeated, the crew needs to find a way to lift a scientist's fingerprint so that they can trick the security scanner. Start by looking at the desk; the drawer under the coffee cup has a roll of adhesive tape that you can use to lift the print when you find it. You can also read the computer's email logs to learn a bit more about the employees here.

Sitting in the comfy chairs in the lobby or utility room will cause the active character to spend all their remaining AP but regain a small amount of Composure.

Once you're done, enter the utility room to the right of the security door. Right away, you can find some additional gear for Gavin. Rummage through the cricket equipment on the right side of the screen to find a more powerful bat, then look in the crate on the far wall for explosives that will enhance his bomb attacks.

Frank can use his lock picking skills to open the lockers by the door. From left to right, they contain:

The Light Refraction Module increases the user's defensive stats, and the Hyper Awareness Implant enhances Frank's melee attacks. Both are good choices for Frank, so equip based on your preference for offense or defense.

The UV Torch lets you find fingerprints around the office. The facility's scientist, Dwayne, is the person whose fingerprints you need. Unfortunately, the emails on the security desk reveal that Dwayne is a notorious germophobe who never takes off his gloves. The coffee cup on the desk belongs to him, but the fingerprint is that of a security guard named Michelle.

Take Michelle's print anyway, as you can use it to open the weapons locker in the utility room. Use the same process for creating a mold as outlined below. In case you forget, the whorl fingerprint is Michelle's, and the swirl fingerprint is Dwayne's. You'll need to go back and forth a lot, as you can only have one print in the mold at a time, but it's worth it!

The emails reveal that Dwayne did briefly take his gloves off recently, to shake the hand of an electrician who came by. The rubbish bin near the security desk has the electrician's discarded business card, on which you can find Dwayne's coveted fingerprint. Turn on the UV light by toggling it in the lower-left corner of the screen. As long as the inspecting character has the Adhesive Tape, they'll be able to lift the print when it's revealed.

Frank points out that you'll need a metal ring to make a mold of the print. Go back up to the warehouse and search the junk bin near the center of the screen to find just such an item. To make the mold, go to the utility room and take the bottle of glue on the right side of the workbench. Make sure the same character has the ring, the glue, and the fingerprint, then have them use the workbench.

Craft the mold, then use the fingerprint that you want to cast. Go to the warehouse again, and turn the steam back on with the valve on the left side of the room. The steam can be used to heat the mold, curing it.

Once you have the copy of a swirl fingerprint, use it on the reader by the security door in the lobby. The door will open, letting reach the lab entrance. Before you do, check the lockers on the right sight of the decontamination chamber - you'll find a medical bag that Sally can equip.

When you examine the lab door, you'll have a choice to either sneak into the lab, having Sally pose as a Hogan scientist, or fight your way in. The direct approach is much faster, but sneaking in makes it possible to get more allies at the pub, unlocking several Achievements you wouldn't be able to get otherwise.

Since Sally looks like Diane Brixton, the chief science officer of Hogan Industries, she can don a lab coat and face mask to convince the guard to let her pass. If you take this approach, she'll find a note in Diane's lab coat with the number 4143. From this point, you'll only be able to play as Sally for a while.

Go up the lift to the warehouse. The guard has gotten the power back on in his office, but before you talk to him try to gather some information. Access the rightmost terminal on the catwalk and use path Warehouse Access Controls > Inside Status to learn that the guard is named Robert Gates. The other guards currently on duty are Thomas Neil, Michelle Fawkes, Alan Burns, and Dennis Newton.

Next, examine the air vent over the security office. You'll hear the guard cheering for Crusader, a King's League underdog. Finally, go back to the maintenance room and check Robert's locker to find a picture of him playing cricket.

If you were paying attention to in the utility room, you may have noticed that the cricket gear belongs to Robert, though he goes by Robby. When you approach the guard, address him as Robby to prevent him from getting suspicious. With his guard down, Robby offers his condolences for an unspecified event. Diane is Barry Brixton's estranged wife, so respond with the assumption that he's talking about Barry's demise in the previous chapter.

Next up, you'll have to make small talk. Ask Robby how his sports league is doing, and he'll mention that his cricket team is playing a tournament next month. Tell him that cricket is fun, then ask him if he's still following dog races. Ask about Crusader or Big Bomber, though if you mention Crusader Robby will go on and on for a bit.

Finally, Sally will ask Robby to unlock the freight elevator. This raises an eyebrow, so tell him you need to have a word with Dennis. If all goes well, Sally will even be able to convince Robby to quit his job by insinuating that Ruth is about to add a bunch of stringent new regulations!

Inside, you'll need to deal with the remaining four guards before you can sneak Frank and Gavin into the facility. Start by examining everything in the room. The incinerator on the left side, the tea kettle near the computer, and the left-hand guard of the chatting pair all give clues when examined.

Talk to the guard sitting at the table on the right and ask him to check the incinerator. When he goes inside, close the door, then talk to the guard at the computer to have him turn it on. This will eliminate the trapped guard.

Next, talk to the guards chatting. Thinking Sally is Diane, they'll clam up since they're not supposed to be goofing off. Click on them again to eavesdrop, and the prisoner in cell 84 will try to get your attention. As it turns out, it's Mickey, the man from the prologue who occupied the tent in front of the pub! He informs you that the company is suspicious that Michelle wants to form a union and has been watching her closely. Dennis, her conversation partner, has been ratting her out to HR at every opportunity.

Talk to Michelle again and bring up the subject of unions. Use the phone on the computer desk to call the HR hotline and use any or all of the dialogue options. Michelle will be called into the manager's office. With her out of the way, you can push Dennis over the ledge without incident.

Check in with Mickey - he wants to be transferred to Testing so that he can try to escape. Order the guard at the computer to initiate the transfer, then all that's left is to deal with him. If you haven't already, search the utility belt of the guard you incinerated to find his keycard, then use it on the door to the left to enter the Testing room.

Access the Testing computer to find a chemical mixture that works as an effective poison. It requires five parts of Ingredient A, with 1.6 times that amount of Ingredient B. Take the vial from the desk behind you, then use the chemical mixing station to the left. Insert the vial, set the left panel to five and the right panel to eight, then hit the green button on the left to start the mixing process.

Go back to the guard and slip the poison into his tea kettle. Once it's in, spill the teacup on his right so that he has to pour himself some more. Once he drinks it, you'll have no more interlopers to worry about.

When you return to Testing, one of Hogan's cybernetic monstrosities, a Panther, will appear. Sally has to fight the creature alone; if you have Shredder Ammo equipped, remove it before engaging as the Panther is strong against slashing damage.

By using Aim For The Extremities you should be able to inflict plenty of Bleed damage over time while pummeling the monster with your fists. Heal whenever you need to do so by using items or Patch Up; equipping the Doctor's Bag that you found earlier in the decontamination area will make each heal restore plenty of HP.

With the Panther defeated, you can use the computer to open Mickey's cell. He'll give you the Emergency Keycard, which you can use to let Frank and Gavin in from the emergency exit at the bottom of the stairs.

If you decide to break into the prison level by force, the gang starts by preparing some sleeping gas for the guards. Go into the utility room and look at the gas cylinder along the right-hand wall. You can fill it by flipping the second, third, and fourth switches at the refilling station. Now you just need something airtight in which to hold the gas.

Go to the decontamination station in front of the lab door and get a latex glove to act as a balloon. Use it on the canister of Agent B at the refilling station, then mix it with Agent A from the cylinder against the far wall. Bring the inflated glove to the air vent above the security guard's office in the warehouse to knock him out.

Next, you need to get into the freight elevator. Go back to the utility room and examine the robotic arm by the workbench with Gavin. He'll come up with a plan to turn the arm into a manual cutting laser. Return to the warehouse and examine the forklift, and Gavin will be able to install the robotic arm from the utility room. Once it's mounted, activate the laser, but be ready to fight the two waves of three security drones each that show up while the door is being cut through!

You can find some Bladed Knuckles for Sally by searching the forklift, but don't equip them until after the drones are beaten - they're weak against blunt damage, so you'll want to stick with Sally's current weapon.

Once the drones are dealt with, board the freight elevator and fight the four guards at the bottom. From there, you're home free!

Gavin can access the computer in the prison, either by hacking or by using the password BoatLife. Read the only email in the Inbox, and Gavin will come up with a plan to send Frank to the lab in Cell 68. Log back into the computer and use path Cell Registry > Cells 61 To 70 to determine that the previous occupant was terminated and sent to the incinerator. Look inside the incinerator for their ID bracelet. None of the crew are willing to dig through the burnt body parts inside to find the bracelet, so Gavin suggests crafting a makeshift metal detector. Leave the incinerator, and he'll provide a list of parts he needs.

Return to the utility room and look at the server to the left of the lockers - there's a toolbox on top. Hit the server twice with Sally to make the toolbox fall, and a screwdriver will fall out. Pick it up, then examine the broken drone next to the workbench.

Using the screwdriver, remove the two screws on the drone's casing. You can then take the battery from inside the drone.

To get the remaining components, you'll need to extract them from prototype combat machines in the Testing room. Have Gavin use the control panel on the right side of the workstation and initiate experiments B and D. The former will start a fight against a modified Combat Drone, while the latter spawns a Heavy Guard Dog. Both are susceptible to blunt damage and Gavin's Overload, though the dog has considerably more HP and reduces Composure as well as HP with its attacks.

Frank's Appease skill is an efficient way to remove Panic from teammates, and you may need it after visiting the Incinerator.

The other experiments don't yield any additional rewards, but you can fight them for additional XP if you want. Experiment A spawns a Turret, while C and E each spawn Guard Robot Dogs.

When you have all three parts, make sure all of them are in Gavin's inventory and have him use the workbench in the utility room. He'll build the metal detector; heal up if you need to now, as you'll be attacked by two security guards and a drone when you leave the room.

Return to the Incinerator after fighting off the guards and use the metal detector to find the bracelet; it even has the original owner's arm attached to it! Enter the bracelet's code, 9429, on the control panel in front of Cell 68. You can now proceed any time you're ready by entering the cell as Frank.

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Frank reaches the lab, but the cell door remains locked. Look at the rightmost robotic arm at the control panel with the lasers, and you'll unlock the ability to operate it. Rotate the arm to the right once, then fire it to destroy the door.

The locks in the lab are all digital, so Frank can't pick them - you'll need to get Gavin into the room to get the items here. There's a chute in Cold Storage that the rest of the team could use, but the door is secured. Frank suggests using the laser again to cut through.

You can adjust the positioning of the laser all you want, but the most you'll do is start a small fire which the sprinkler system quickly puts out. Instead, use the Coolant System Controls in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Fiddle with the controls until the red circle reaches one hundred and ten percent. Use the following settings:



Power Consumption

71 GW.

Thermal Compression Regulator Control

Bottom-right switch flipped only.

Dynamic Power Supply

First and third buttons lit.

Perpendicular Force Indicator


Once the control panel is overloaded, the building's Alert Level will automatically reach the maximum!

When the coolant tank starts to flash red, move the robotic arm all the way to the right and fire the laser. This will set the laundry on fire (possibly for a second time) and trigger the sprinklers. While the sprinklers are going, shoot the red coolant tank. Be ready for a fight, as two security drones will arrive immediately. Since Frank is alone, open the fight with Evasive Strike to minimize the damage you take.

After the fight, a block of ice will refract the laser around the room when you fire it. Adjust the magnifying glass over the operating table to refocus the laser on the other side, then fire away to burn the door open.

To the left of the entrance are some lockers - Frank can pick the lock on one to find new gear for Sally and Gavin.

To bring your teammates up into the room, start by opening the trash chute on the left-hand wall. Sally and Gavin need something to help them climb up the chute, so use the meat hook control panel immediately to the right of the chute. Move the hook to the right once, then lower it.

Frank might need a pick-me-up after his fight in the previous room, so if Sally has some AP to spare using Patch Up can save you a healing item.

With the team reunited, Sally can force open the corpse drawers against the right-hand wall. Inside one is the body of a scientist; have Sally pry the USB key from the corpse's hand.

Next, return to the lab and have Gavin hack the electronic locks. The left-hand prototype cabinet contains an Integrity Protection Implant, which makes the wearer immune to several status effects but reduces their damage output. The right-hand cabinet has a Neural Guard Interface, which is a great accessory for Gavin since it reduces Composure damage and enhances his Overload and Hijack skills. The safe under the desk contains several recovery items, including Painkillers, Tranquilizers, and Adrenaline.

Once you've finished ransacking the lab, look at the redacted file on the computer desk. A minigame will start where you need to track the reticule on the screen with your cursor. Once you've done so for long enough, the cursor will turn green - click at that point to get a clear photo of the evidence.

Use the USB Override Key from the dead scientist to log into the main computer. The lights in the central cryo chambers will come alive, revealing a new piece of evidence. Photograph the cryo chambers the same way you did the documents. You need to photo both the chambers in the center of the room and above the door to cold storage before you can continue.

Taking the photos has a high AP cost - be ready for the possibility of a fight if you need to end your turn.

When you have all three photos, the party will be cornered by Hogan and Ruth. They escape down the trash chute, but now find themselves trapped in the incinerator. Instead of the usual AP system, each action will cause the countdown above the door to lower. If it reaches zero - that is, if you spend twenty-two or more total AP - the incinerator powers on, and it's game over.

Examine the panel to the right of the door. To open it, you need to unhook the latches in the correct order:

Next, switch to Gavin and plug the Hack3rboy into the socket at the bottom of the revealed keypad. The solution to the hacking puzzle is randomized, so you'll need to guess your way to the correct code like you would with any other hacking minigame.

The second plate fo the panel will open, revealing sockets for four power cells. Leave it for now and have Sally shake the steel case on the right side of the room. The first power cell will fall to the ground.

Before doing anything else, search the Grinder on the left side of the room to get the Heart Rate Regulator, an accessory useful for Sally or Gavin. If Sally pulls the lever above the Grinder, it will activate, destroying the item. If you send a guard to their demise in the incinerator earlier, you can search their body to get a new shotgun for Frank.

At the bottom of the chute is the corpse of a cybernetic dog. Have Sally force the jaw open to extract its power cell - you'll also receive its tungsten jawbone. Have Frank pick the lock on the trap door in the middle of the floor, then jam the jawbone into the fan inside to retrieve a third power cell.

Next, look to the right of the chute to find a plastic cup and a chunk of ice. Pick both up with the same character and return to the trapdoor. Use the cup and ice on the heating element to melt the ice, then spill the water on the shorting power cells in the center. You can now open the grate to retrieve the fourth and final power cell.

Give all four power cells to one character and return to the panel. Install the cells and turn the key at the center to escape the incinerator - and not a moment too soon!

The group's Composure will have dropped during the last sequence - if you have any Birmingham's Finest, pour a round after escaping the incinerator. If you don't mind spending some extra AP, you can use Gavin's Chemical Cocktail skill to upgrade a bottle to Premium Blend, which restores more Composure.

Before you get onto the freight elevator to escape, be sure to spend any skill points you have and swap out equipment - as you can probably guess, another fight with Ruth is coming.

Ruth uses many of the same moves as she did when you fought her in Chapter One, but she has some new tricks up her sleeve. For one, her ultimate attack is no longer telegraphed by Target Acquired, making it harder to predict. Secondly, she can now call reinforcements - take out any extra guards that she summons quickly so that you can keep focusing on the boss.

Ruth's dodge rate is much higher than it was the first time, so you may need to use abilities like Frank's Focus to get reliable hits with high-AP attacks.

Once Ruth is beaten (again), the group discovers that the freight elevator has been locked down. The only way out is now through the Testing Facility. As it turns out, Ruth wasn't the chapter boss - upon entering the facility, you'll come face to face with Hogan's prized killing machine, Sunday Gold.

Sunday Gold is an absolute beast with three thousand hit points. However, as the dog still has biological parts you can inflict bleed to get persistent damage. Gavin's Overload is the most effective move in your arsenal against Sunday Gold, as it deals damage as a percentage of the boss's HP and can also inflict Stun. Have Frank rotate between Artery Slash and Focus to keep pressure on the boss while Sally uses Aim For The Extremities and Patch Up as needed.

Once Sunday Gold is defeated, the group will automatically escape to the Jolly Hangman to regroup. If Robby and Mickey were both safely extracted, you can talk to them to get the Two-Minute Notice and Human Capital Stock Deficit Achievements, respectively. Chat with Sally, then go down into the basement and talk to her again to end the chapter!

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Sunday Goldexamine the fuse boxany character can remove the fuse.also cuts power to the lift.fenced-in area to the left.close the red valve tear off the broken pipeinstall it in the bridge controls left slotBreak the panel open with Sally, move the fuse from the left socket to the right.hack the right-most of the blue screens.increase the Alert Levelthere are four guards downstairs,loading bay and side entrances are inactive.Lift Control > Access Management > Lift Control Security Overridefreight elevator is time-lockedequip any blunt weapons you haveOverloadRush lift a scientist's fingerprint looking at the desk;spend all their remaining APenter the utility roomadditional gear for Gavinexplosives that will enhance his bomb the lockers by the door.notorious germophobe who never takes off his gloves.Take Michelle's print anywaywhorl fingerprintswirl fingerprintTurn on the UV light metal ringsearch the junk bintake the bottle of gluethe ring, the glue, and the fingerprintcopy of a swirl fingerprintcheck the lockersfind a medical bagsneak into the labfight your way inmuch fastermore allies at the pub4143. only be able to play as SallyAccess the rightmost terminalon the catwalkWarehouse Access Controls > Inside Statusexamine the air vent over the security officecheck Robert's lockercricket gear belongs to Robertaddress him as RobbyDiane is Barry Brixton's estranged wifecricket is fun, Ask about Crusader or Big Bomber you need to have a word with Dennisconvince Robby to quit his jobdeal with the remaining four guardsexamining everything in the room.sitting at the table on the rightclose the doortalk to the guards chatting.Click on them againthe company is suspicious that Michelle wants to form a unionbring up the subject of unions.use any or all of the dialogue options.push Dennis over the ledgeOrder the guard at the computersearch the utility belt five parts of Ingredient A1.6 times that amountset the left panel to fiveright panel to eight,slip the poison into his tea kettle.spill the teacup on his rightremove it before engagingAim For The ExtremitiesPatch Upuse the computerEmergency Keycardpreparing some sleeping gas for the guards. look at the gas cylinder along the right-hand wall.flipping the second, third, and fourth switchesGo to the decontamination station latex glove air vent above the security guard's officeexamine the robotic arm by the workbench examine the forkliftinstall the robotic armactivate the laserdon't equip them board the freight elevatorBoatLifesend Frank to the lab Cell Registry > Cells 61 To 70 Look inside the incineratorHit the server twice with Sallybroken droneremove the two screws on the drone's casingextract them from prototype combat machinesinitiate experiments B and D.Overloadconsiderably more HPAppease make sure all of them are in Gavin's inventoryattacked by two security guards and a droneuse the metal detector9429entering the cell as Frank.rightmost robotic armusing the laser again use the Coolant System Controls red circle reaches one hundred and ten percent. move the robotic arm all the way to the right shoot the red coolant tankopen the fight with Evasive StrikeAdjust the magnifying glass over the operating tablenew gear for Sally and Gavin.opening the trash chuteuse the meat hook control panelto the right once, then lower it.Patch Up force open the corpse drawerspry the USB key return to the labIntegrity Protection ImplantNeural Guard InterfaceOverloadHijackseveral recovery itemslook at the redacted filetrack the reticule on the screenUSB Override KeyPhotograph the cryo chamberscenter of the roomabove the door to cold storageExamine the panel to the right of the door.switch to Gavinsocket at the bottom of the revealed keypad. like you would with any other hacking minigameshake the steel case on the right side of the the Grinderdestroying the itemsearch their bodythe corpse of a cybernetic dog.tungsten jawbone.jam the jawbone into the fanright of the chuteUse the cup and icespill the water Install the cellsBirmingham's FinestChemical Cocktailbe sure to spend any skill points you haveTarget Acquiredcall reinforcementsFocusSunday Gold.three thousand hit points.inflict bleed OverloadArtery SlashFocusAim For The ExtremitiesPatch UpTwo-Minute NoticeHuman Capital Stock Deficit talk to her again