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Best Spy Thrillers on Prime Video to Watch Next

Aug 10, 2023

From Body of Lies to Atomic Blonde, these are some of the best espionage films available for streaming on Prime video.

Spy thriller films have a common thread: they often feature trained agents or members of covert organizations as protagonists. These protagonists often impress viewers with their wit, heroism and charm. Beyond these obvious features, iconic franchises like James Bond and Mission impossible sustain their popularity across multiple installments by tapping into viewers’ fascination with secret identities, cutting-edge gadgets, the exotic locations, the realm of espionage, and the riveting blend of excitement and peril that accompanies the life of a spy. These spy movies expertly intertwine suspense, espionage, high-stakes action, and unexpected plot twists, resulting in a truly riveting cinematic experience.

There are now over 27 James Bond movies and fans are still looking forward to upcoming installments likely to premiere in 2024 or 2025, indicating an insatiable taste for these fearless secret agents stories. Mission: impossible has also lived for many decades, and the positive reception of the 2023 installment, Dead Reckoning Part One, underscores the enduring appeal for well-crafted spy films.

While Prime Video offers a vast collection of films, this list of movies is particularly for those seeking the thrills and fun of spy films. Ranging from Spy Game to True lies, here are some of the best spy films for those who enjoy the element of mystery, the excitement from daring missions, and the unexpected plot twists that contribute to the appeal of spy movies.

A Most Wanted Man isn’t just another slick spy film, rather it is a character driven story that showcases the human faces behind the intelligence operations and how their choices affect them too. Based on the novel of the same name by John Le Carre, this espionage thriller follows a Chechen Muslim, Issa Kaprov, who comes to Germany seeking asylum and claiming to be an heir to a large fortune. However, his true intentions remain unclear.

This film is smartly paced, creating an intense and gripping atmosphere throughout. Director Anton Corbjin does a great job creating the perfect blend of excitement and suspense and the cast, led by Philip Seymour Hoffman, delivers mesmerizing performances. Notably, A most Wanted Man also stands as the final farewell to the great Hollywood actor.

This action thriller directed by Paul Greengrass serves as the second installment in the Bourne film series, based on Robert Ludlum’s novels. It is, of course, available for streaming on Prime Video. The story follows Jason Bourne, a former CIA agent suffering from amnesia, who becomes entangled in a web of mystery and danger while searching for his identity.

For those who relish the thrilling world of espionage, hide-and-seek, double identity, and the tales of rogue operatives who are wrongly blamed, this one becomes a guilty pleasure, irrespective of its age. Jason Bourne isn’t just any spy who relies on fancy gadgets; he’s known for his cleverness and thinking on his feet, which sets him apart from many other spy heroes. Although The Bourne Supremacy has the right mix of action and drama, the shaky camerawork can be a downside.

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In Tony Scott’s Spy Game, Brad Pitt and Robert Redford star as two CIA agents, Tom Bishop and Nathan, whose intricate relationship forms the heart of the story. The film begins with Bishop’s arrest, prompting Nathan to rely on his strategic thinking and experience in being a spy to rescue Bishop. This film really shows that Scott is a master at creating tension even in the simplest scenes and crafting well-directed smart narratives.

Spy Game distinguishes itself from other spy films through its authentic portrayal, giving viewers a deep look into how CIA operations actually are and its impact on operatives. Redford, Pitt, and other members of the cast do an amazing job in their roles. However, since the plot of the film may seem difficult to grasp for the first time for some, not everyone might get it or enjoy it.

This classic example of the spy genre is a thought-provoking and bleak portrayal of Cold War espionage. It offers a glimpse into the grim realities of intelligence operations, the manipulation of human lives for political gain, and the blurry line between good and evil. Directed by Martin Ritt, and based on John le Carré's novel of the same name, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold stars Richard Burton as the protagonist Alec Leamas, a British spy who becomes embroiled in a complex and morally ambiguous espionage mission.

Unlike James Bond, this film isn’t about fancy spy gadgets, frivolity, or any glamour associated with suave spy films; rather, it is a somber film that paints the cruelty of the Cold War and those entangled in its web. While it may be fascinating to some, others may find it rather depressing.

Leonardo DiCaprio makes an excellent centerpiece as he plays Roger Ferris, a skilled CIA operative working in the Middle East. He is tasked with tracking down and capturing a powerful and elusive terrorist leader named Al-Saleem (Alon Abutbul), but lacks any evidence to apprehend him and his associates. Body of Lies is a great spy thriller as well as a realistic look into the Middle East Crisis and reality of intelligence.

Despite its star-studded ensemble, featuring Russell Crowe, Mark Strong, DiCaprio, and others, it still remains one of the most underrated films within the spy genre. While DiCaprio and Crowe stun in their respective roles, almost everyone agrees that Strong steals the show with his compelling portrayal of Hani. Despite its excellence, Body of Lies did not win an Oscar.

No Time to Die is the 25th installment in the long-running James Bond film series. The movie follows MI6 Agent James Bond, portrayed by Daniel Craig, as he comes out of retirement to confront another global threat, a vengeful and technologically-advanced villain named Safin, played by Rami Malek. The film is filled with action-packed sequences, high-stakes espionage, and classic Bond elements like gadgets, exotic locations, and intense confrontations.

Craig continues to show that he is befitting of the role of 007 Agent even after delivering mesmerizing performances for over 13 years of being Bond. Beyond being just another sophisticated Bond film, this iteration presents a more compassionate spy, adding emotional depth to the franchise. Nevertheless, this film also signifies the conclusion of Craig’s tenure as James Bond, sparking debates over the successor of this iconic role.

Red Sparrow is adapted from the spy thriller novel of the same by Jason Matthews. Here, Jennifer Lawrence plays Dominika, a former ballerina who, after facing a career-ending injury, is forced into becoming a Sparrow: a special kind of secret agent trained in the art of seduction, manipulation, and espionage. During her first mission to target Nat Nash (Joel Edgerton), she ends up developing feelings for him, which complicates her allegiance.

Red Sparrow is a gripping thriller that combines romance, espionage and psychological drama, ultimately leading to a suspenseful and entertaining spy film. The 140-minute runtime unfolds quickly as viewers are held captive by Dominika’s mission to uncover the mole, while figuring out where her loyalty lies and the eventual fate of her relationship with Nate. However, while the film remains consistently engaging, some may find some aspects of it rather disturbing.

Mission Impossible Fallout remains one of the highest-grossing entries in the Mission: Impossible franchise, making it the most successful. It serves as the sixth entry in the franchise and is considered as the best in the franchise by many viewers. Like the other film series in the series, the plot follows Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, on yet another mission to stop evil and save the world. Here, this IMF team member joins forces with a CIA agent to stop another epic disaster.

Despite it not having an overtly fresh plot, this film will certainly give many goosebumps and keep viewers on the edge of their seats with its expertly executed stunts and high-octane action scenes. With its stunning visuals and jaw-dropping stunts, it is just the perfect film for anyone looking for an electrifying action experience from start to finish.

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Casino Royale serves as the reboot of the Bond franchise and the introduction of Craig as the new James Bond. While the announcement of Craig as the new 007 Agent met controversial reactions, he went on to become many people’s favorite Bond actor, leaving many stunned by his impeccable embodiment of this hero.

This film is based on the first James Bond novel by Ian Fleming of the same name, and it is directed by Martin Campbell. It follows as James Bond earns his status as 007 and sets out on his first mission to stop Le Chiffre from recovering his money in a high stakes poker game. With Craig playing a darker and more realistic James Bond and the inclusion of visceral action scenes, this film succeeds in becoming a 21st-Century rendition of Fleming’s James Bond novel.

Skyfall received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike for being an exceptional homage to the classic Bond films. It is perfect for avid Bond fans as well as newcomers to the franchise. Craig reprises the iconic role of James Bond in this installment directed by the Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes. The story follows as MI6 is under attack after a mission to kill an assassin goes wrong for James Bond. M begins to receive threatening messages, and it is up to James Bond to clean up the mess. With the help of a field agent Miss Eve, Bond sets out to find a mysterious hacker.

Mendes brings his distinct visual style to the film, resulting in stunning cinematography and memorable action sequences. Craig delivers a powerful performance as James Bond while Javier Bardem is equally intense and complex as the antagonist.

Atomic Blonde features elements of espionage, intrigue, and action that makes it a typical spy film as it follows an MI6 agent played by Charlize Theron. Set during the Cold War, this film follows as she is sent to Berlin to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and recover a list of double agents. Though it was set during the Cold War and represents some realities of that time, Atomic Blonde may seem unrealistic at times much like enduring spy franchises like James Bond and Mission: Impossible.

Nonetheless, the film’s energetic plot, twists and turns, surprise ending, cool music, and Theron’s commanding performance all contribute to this film’s entertainment value. However, opinions about Atomic Blonde vary. Some appreciate this stylish action film for its remarkable action scenes, enigmatic costumes and stunning cinematography, while others criticize its formulaic plot.

The Courier draws inspiration from the true story of Greville Wynne, who transforms from an ordinary salesman to a powerful British spy. It chronicles the pivotal role played by this British business person in a covert operation. His role is to provide valuable information about the Soviet Union's nuclear weapons program to the British and American intelligence agencies during the Cold War. As the film unfolds, it depicts Wynne's risky activities as a courier between the intelligence agencies and his Soviet contact and how he slowly becomes a pawn.

For those in search of a well-crafted old-fashioned espionage thriller embellished by its authenticity and the remarkable performances of its lead actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Merab Ninidze, and Rachel Brosnahan, this is available to watch on Prime Video. The Courier is such a well-made movie that it can be watched repeatedly without losing its intrigue.

The 1990s is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s finest eras in filmmaking, and True Lies is one of those movies that solidified his status as an icon in the action film genre. In James Cameron’s True Lies, he plays the secret Agent Harry Tasker who leads a double life, with his family unaware of his true profession. However, when this fearless secret agent finds out that his wife is seeing another man, he is compelled to save his marriage while trying to save the world too.

True Lies is a truly thrilling and entertaining ride that blends espionage with domestic comedy as Harry juggles his covert duties and role as a husband. Regarded as one of the supreme action films ever crafted,the movie shines with the dynamic chemistry between Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, making the film totally worth the watch.

Under the direction of Drew Mylrea, Spy Intervention delves into the tale of a super spy who decides to retire from his dangerous profession in order to lead a normal life. However, his decision to settle down doesn’t go as planned. While this may not be the best spy film out there, it offers insightful commentary on the contrast between the exciting life of espionage and the boring suburban life.

It effectively uses humor to mock the spy trade, drawing its inspirations from films like James Bond and Mission Impossible. The acting may not be the best, however, the film is genuinely funny with lots of clever humor and maybe worth the watch for some viewers. While some find it a poor attempt at parody, others see it as an easy watch with a fresh storyline.

An action-comedy, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. delivers a light-hearted espionage adventure as it follows the unlikely partnership between two secret agents from opposing sides, who must put their differences aside to stop the evil plan of a global criminal organization. It is directed by Guy Ritchie and stars Henry Cavill as CIA agent Napelon Solo, while Armie Hammer plays the KGB agent Ilya Kuryakin. As the film progresses, it offers a peek into these secret agents’ personal lives and backstories, adding depth to the characters.

It is a modern take on classic spy tropes, evoking the nostalgic feeling of 1960s spy flicks. This spy film manages to be exciting without resorting to unnecessary violence, offering a lively reboot of the1960s television it is based on. For spy film enthusiasts, this is one clever and fun film to add to the list of must-watch espionage films.

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